Can Ford improve its recycling of car parts by learning from the gecko?


Ford, Procter & Gamble and the Biomimicry Institute are working on a project that will make it easier to recycle metal and car parts that have been bonded by glue.

The current glue that is used to bond car parts makes it almost impossible to recycle the metal and plastics.


But the two companies are researching new adhesive innovations that are inspired by the gecko.

The lizard’s toe pads allow it to stick to most surfaces without liquids or surface tension. It can then release itself leaving no residue.

If the partners can mimic this action by the gecko in industrial uses, then it could mean that more Ford parts can be recycled.

Ford senior technical leader for plastics and sustainability research Debbie Mielewski said: “Solving this problem could provide cost savings and certainly environmental savings. It means we could increase the recycling of more foam and plastics, and further reduce our environmental footprint.”