Carbios to build first commercial bio-recycled PET plant in France


The first commercial-sized bio-recycled PET plant is set to be built in France by Carbios.

Indorama Ventures will co-invest in the facility that will recycle 50,000 tonnes per year of PET when it opens in 2025. There will also be financial support from the French Government and the Grand-Est Region in France.


Using enzymes, the facility will break down PET into its monomers, which can then be recycled.

The new plant will follow the demonstration plant that has been built at Clermont-Ferrand and will be located at Indorama Ventures’ PET production site at Longlaville, Meurthe-et-Moselle.

Carbios chief executive Emmanuel Ladent said: “With this first medium-sized plant, we want to become the world reference for the circular economy of plastics and textiles.

“By engaging in such a partnership with Indorama Ventures, we confirm our commitment to pursue our initial industrial development in France.

“This plant will pave the way towards international commercial and industrial deployment. We are grateful to our shareholders, partners, the French Government, and Grand-Est Region for sharing Carbios’ ambitions and vision towards a profitable circular economy.”

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