Carillion gets £27.2 million profit benefit from sustainable actions


Construction and infrastructure firm Carillion has said that sustainability activities contributed £27.2 million to its profits.

Its 2014 sustainability report, showed that it exceeded a target of a £25 million contribution and is now aiming for a £32.5 million contribution in 2015, and £40 million by 2020.


Carillion chief sustainability officer David Picton said: “We’re showing that sustainability is not a ‘nice-to-have’ or something that companies have to find a way to afford. It’s actually something they can’t afford not to do.

“Sustainability is critical for long-term, stable business and needs a strong, integrated approach which delivers on the Three CBs – changing behaviours, for commercial benefit, through a challenging balance.

“Looking ahead, we’re still ambitious with what we to achieve though our sustainability expectations and targets. The achievements to date have set a firm platform of evidence and benchmarks in place – so much so, that we often take many of these achievements for granted as our daily business and Carillion’s values.”

Among its sustainability achievements, the company has diverted 95% of its waste from landfill, only just missing a target of 96%. By 2015, it aims to divert 985 from landfill with a long-term target of zero waste to landfill.

Carillion has also seen an 17% reduction in its carbon footprint against a 2011 normalised baseline, against an 11% reduction target.