China recycling

Export of recyclate can boost developing nations as part of circular economy

A World Trade Organisation (WTO) and Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) document has suggested that export of recycled materials can...
Ben Richardson Valpak

Ben Richardson on the PRN market: January 2021

The start of 2021 has been edged with much concern with Brexit, Covid, Basel Convention and general changes in localised laws, around...
Ben Richardson Valpak

Ben Richardson on the PRN market

In this new feature, each month, Valpak director of procurement Ben Richardson will share his analysis of the PRN/PERN market.

James Armitage on the PRN market

Valpakā€™s head of procurement James Armitage gives his opinion on the PRN market We are almost halfway through the...

Recycling prices and market commentary: 3 February 2023

It was another week of waiting to see as the market doesn't seem to want to start 2023, even though we are...

European Commission treats waste shipments as essential service

Waste shipments between European Union single market members should be considered an essential service during the coronavirus outbreak, the European Commission has...

MEPs recommend tougher waste shipment rules including eventual plastic export ban

Members of the European Parliament's Environment Committee have put forward their position on European waste shipments that could eventually lead to a...
LDPE film

Recycling prices and market commentary: 6 October 2023

This was a week of looking to the future, sticking fingers in the wind to try and find out which way the...

Saica and Novelis show interest in powering North West facilities with hydrogen

Saica and Novelis have expressed interest in using hydrogen in their facilities in the North West of England. Indian...
Bales of OCC cardboard for recycling

Recycling prices and market commentary: 23 June 2023

While the sun is shining, that gives some optimism unlike the trading in the recycling marketplace this week. There...
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