Malaysia plastic inspections

Malaysian 100% inspection of recovered paper expected in September

REB Market Intelligence understands that Malaysia will introduce 100% inspection of recovered paper from September. The country was expected...
Cardboard OCC

Recycling prices and market commentary: 22 January 2021

Discussions in the market continue to be dominated with the trade into Europe whether you are sending material there of not.

Chinese wood company Zhejiang Element to build first board mill in Malaysia

Chinese wood company Zhejiang Element has revealed plans to move into cardboard manufacturing with its first mill to be built in Malaysia.
DS Smith

DS Smith has increased packaging prices to compensate for OCC price increase

Paper packaging manufacturer DS Smith has revealed that it has increased packaging prices due to the fact that its OCC input prices...
China recycling inspections ports that solid waste

China issues draft law to ban import of all solid waste

A consultation has been launched by the Chinese Government on new laws that would see a full ban on imports of all solid wastes...
UPM Shotton

UPM expects higher pulp prices this quarter: updates on Shotton sale

Mill group UPM has said that it believes there will be higher pulp prices in the first quarter of this year.
Pollution Control Department

Thailand returns paper bales that contained plastic contamination

Thailand's Pollution Control Department and its Customs Department have revealed that they have returned paper bales back to the port of origin...

US company Waste Management Inc says just 2% of its OCC now goes to...

US giant Waste Management Inc has reported that just 2% of its OCC now goes to China compared to 30% previously. At the same time,...

Recycling prices and market commentary: 5 July 2019

Pricing recycled plastic packaging bales was a challenge this week as a rapidly falling plastic PRN/PERN price hit hard.
Lee & Man Vietnam

Lee & Man planning 400,000 tonnes per year new paper mill in Vietnam

A new 400,000 tonnes per year paper mill in Vietnam is being planned by Chinese mill group Lee & Man. In late 2016, the company...
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