Malaysia plastic inspections

B3011 plastics set to be permitted for export to non-OECD countries from 29 July

A statutory instrument laid before Parliament should allow for the resumption of B3011 plastics exports to non-OECD countries. The...
Bales of OCC cardboard for recycling

Recycling prices and market commentary: 5 February 2021

There is a lot to think about for those moving recyclate at the moment, with different grades reacting to different conditions.

Turkey bans import of PE-based 391510 plastics

Turkey's Government has banned the import of commodity code 391510 plastics that are typically grades such as PET, HDPE and LDPE.

Turkey bans mixed plastic imports and requires all waste imports to have identity documentation

Turkey's General Directorate of Environmental Impact Assessment, Permit and Inspection has announced that the country has banned imports of mixed plastics.
Taiwan waste paper restriction

Taiwan closes the door on plastic and bans mixed paper

Taiwan, the last Asian market for recovered plastic, has put the world on notice that it's about to close its doors. A report by the...
Wurawut Silpa-archa

Thailand considering plastic import ban from 1 January 2022

The Government of Thailand will look into the possibility of a plastic import ban from 1 January 2022. Following...
LDPE film

Turkey looking to ease back on its plastic ban

Turkey is reportedly looking at a compromise solution so that some plastics may be allowed for import again following its recent ban.
Cardboard OCC

Recycling prices and market commentary: 22 January 2021

Discussions in the market continue to be dominated with the trade into Europe whether you are sending material there of not.
Pollution Control Department

Thai Government and Siam Kraft Industry agree 2% contamination limit on waste paper imports

A 2% contamination limit on waste paper imports has been agreed between the Thai Government and paper mill Siam Kraft Industry.
Plastic recycling

Defra set to end PRN system

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs looks set to abolish the existing PRN system from 2023, according to its consultation...
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