Queen's Speech

Queen’s Speech promises extension of producer responsibility

The Government plans to extend producer responsibility and introduce charges on more specified single use items, the Queen's Speech has revealed.

PepsiCo to reduce virgin plastic content by 35% by 2025

Global drinks brand PepsiCo has said it will increase the use of recycled material as part of a new target to reduce...

Glitter removed from M&S Christmas cards and wrapping paper to help recycling

No more glitter will be seen on M&S' Christmas cards and wrapping paper from this year. The retailer has...

Aluminium, glass and cartons might be as bad as plastic bottles for the environment

Replacing plastic bottles with aluminium cans, glass bottles or cartons will also damage the environment, according to a study by Green Alliance.

M&S to offer discount to people bringing own containers

Retailer M&S will give people a 25p discount if they bring their own container to its fresh food-to-go Market Place counters.

Imperial College London study shows benefits of plastic packaging tax

A study undertaken by Imperial College London and Veolia has found that there is a significant environmental and financial benefit from introducing...

Waitrose to replace black plastic trays with multi-coloured recyclable ones

Supermarket Waitrose & Partners has announced that it will use coloured plastic trays instead of black plastics. The new...

Single management system for PRN compliance is favourite model in Resources & Waste Strategy...

A single not-for-profit management organisation has been revealed as the preferred model for respondents in the Government's and devolved Governments' responses to...

OPRL to take recycling infrastructure into account on packaging recycling labels

Recycling label organisation OPRL has revealed that it will now take into account materials recycling facilities (MRF) and council collections on packaging...
The Recycling Podcast

The Recycling Podcast has been launched

A new podcast, The Recycling Podcast, discussing the latest issues in the recycling sector has been launched. The first...
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