Celebs back campaign for stricter packaging laws


TV judge Rob Rinder and NASA astronaut Nicole Stott have joined environmentalists in calling for tough new laws on reusable packaging.

A letter signed by 37 key figures and organised by charity City to Sea was sent to political party leaders ahead of next month’s general election.


It said progress transitioning away from single-use packaging was “far too slow”.

The letter was also signed by representatives from Greenpeace, Abel & Cole and the University of West of England.

“Legislative change is vital to create a level playing field for businesses to deliver reuse and refill at scale,” it said.

“We call on all political parties to set legally-binding, time-bound targets to accelerate the transition to reuse in the UK.

“This includes 30 per cent of packaging to be reusable by 2030, supported by a complete ban on unnecessary single-use plastic packaging and full support for a robust global plastics treaty.”

City to Sea chief executive Jane Martin said: “For real change to take place, a level playing field, facilitated by government intervention, is crucial.”