CEPI issues revised EN643 guidelines on the quality of recovered paper


Revised guidelines on quality standards for recovered paper have been issued by the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI).

The body has updated its guidance on the EN643 Standard to improve its implementation by European paper mills.


This includes more focus on the condition of the bale, moisture control and control of unwanted materials.

It also sets out a recommended inspection procedure.

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The guidelines suggest that buyers and sellers should be aware of the quality control procedures and system installed and operated by the paper for recycling supplier and the paper mill before a contract is signed.

Information on every load of paper sent to the mill should be provided by the seller including information such as that it meets the European and national legal requirements and the origin of the material.

It also says that inspections of bales should include a visual inspection and measurement on a weighbridge. The visual inspection should check it is the grade specified, the bale condition (if delivered in bales), the moisture content and the unwanted materials content.

On moisture content, the guidelines set out a minimum naturally occurring level of 10% moisture, and that anything above 10% can be claimed back.

Unwanted materials include non-paper components, paper and board not according to grade description, paper and board detrimental to production, and paper not suitable for deinking (if applicable).   

View the guidelines here