CEPI launch sustainability platform

CEPI sustainability platform

European Association CEPI has revealed a “live” sustainability platform which shows the industry’s sustainability achievements.

The new platform offers the possibility for companies across CEPI’s membership to display their good practices in the circular economy, recycling, environment, energy and more.


It will also be a focal point for researchers, journalists and policymakers who are looking for the best examples from sustainability leaders.

This year’s REB Market Intelligence Summit is taking place on 2 October and will look at end destinations for materials. Find out more here

All information on the site will be updated systematically multiple times annually, and users will also be able to download the website as a PDF or pick and choose per policy selection.

CEPI deputy director general Jori Ringman said: “We are delighted to offer our members and the European industry at large a one-stop shop for all industry sustainability data and achievements. The platform will be systematically updated once the new data becomes available; meaning our sustainability platform is always ‘live’ and up to date when you need it.”

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