CEPI sets out circular economy guidelines for the paper industry


The European paper industry has collaborated with the World Economic Forum, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the McKinsey Center for Business and Environment on Circular Economy to produce a guidance paper on the circular economy.

Design and Management for Circularity – the Case of Paper provides guidance for all parts of the supply chain on simple ecodesign rules for paper, without limiting innovation and the introduction of new techniques.


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CEPI sustainability director Jori RIngman said: “We trust helping circular thinking in all steps of the complex value chain will help reach higher in what is already a high recycling performance.

“In circular economy, your downstream is your upstream and what you pass on into the loop will have an impact on your own business.

“Businesses will have many priorities topping their agendas, such as meeting customer requirements, creating functionalities that meet both the purpose and profitability, and respecting environmental considerations.

“This document is meant to make decision-making in companies easier when balancing these priorities.”

While paper is highly recyclable, chemicals that are used in its production can cause problems in later circular chains. The recycling process can also be affected by newly developed inks and toners that impact on it.