Cheap Chinese tyres threaten UK retread industry says trade body


Dumping of Chinese tyres on the UK market are placing 2,500 jobs at threat, according to the Retread Manufacturers Association (RMA).

The trade body is calling for urgent action to allow the UK retread industry to compete on an equal footing with cheap, subsidised tyres from China.


It has already met with ministers from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to discuss the situation.

A truck tyre weighing 60 kilos typically costs £70 as a retread, but new Chinese tyres are being sold at just £73.

RMA chairman Patrick O’Connell said: “We were extremely sorry to learn that the flooding of cheap imports into the UK steel industry has had such a devastating effect.  This is terrible news for everyone affected and those working within the steel industry.

“Unfortunately, this mirrors what is happening in the UK’s tyre industry, with jobs under threat as a result of a flood of cheap tyres from China into the UK.”

“We are calling on the British Government and European Commission to take immediate action on the ‘dumping’ of tyres from China into the UK and European markets.

“Data supports the view that without intervention, the future of 2,500 employees, either directly or indirectly employed by the UK retreading industry, is under threat.

“We are committed to lobbying on behalf of the retread industry to secure its long-term future in the UK.”