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China issues tiny recycled paper import quota

Shanying recycled paper mill
A Shanying recycled paper mill in China

The Chinese government has issued its third batch of import quota for recycled paper for 2020, with just a total of 22,750 tonnes allowed for import.

This will ignite existing fears that the Chinese government has already front loaded most of the quota for the year in the first two months.

On 23 December, China issued its first import quota announcement for 2020 with a total over 2.7 million tonnes permitted.

The second batch of quota was published on 8 January and was a total 407,410 tonnes of recycled paper.

When the next batch of quota is released, this will be viewed with interest as it is likely to signify how much material will be permitted for the second quarter of 2020.

All three releases allow for permitted import of OCC, news & pam and sorted office waste.


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