China planning new environmental laws, including on waste

China recycling
A person collecting waste in China

New tougher environmental laws are being worked on by the Chinese Government.

The first annual session of the 13th National People’s Congress will have a strong emphasis on developing a stricter environmental framework, according to spokesperson Zhang Yesui.


This will include revising laws on solid waste, as well as on air pollution, soil pollution and more.

Spokesperson Zhang Yesui said: “The committee will continue to work hard to provide strong legal support and to make sure that we will win the battle against pollution.”

As a result of the 12th session, an environmental tax has been developed.  From 1 April 2018, around 260,000 businesses and organisations will need to pay the tax as they discharge pollutants, including waste, into the environment.

This is China’s first environmental tax, but it plans more.

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