China plans to randomly inspect industrial and recycling facilities


China’s Minister of Environmental Protection Li Ganjie has said environmental inspections of certain facilities will be implemented randomly in order to find out if they are creating pollution and illegal waste 

With China’s 0.3% contamination ban, the potential closure of paper mills and metal recycling plants could cause issues for importers of OCC and metals. 


Over the last couple of years, China has started to inspect industrial facilities that could be impacting on polluting the environment, with the outcome that numerous factories and plants have been closed down. 

From 2015, the Chinese government has inspected 135,000 industrial facilities, with 102,000 of these now resolved either through closing them down or action having been taken to solve the environmental breach. 

The Minister, who told of the recent planned inspections, said:We will sort out questions and accumulate experience based on previous inspections and further complete pertinent system initiatives to prepare for the next round of inspection.” 

Random inspections will be aimed at major industries and sectors and will start at the end of 2017 or early 2018.