China set to implement new rules on recycled pulp, with involvement from importing mill groups

Paper pulp

New standards for recycled pulp are set to be implemented by the Chinese Government in 2022 – with importing mill groups helping to create the new rules.

Its State Administration for Market Regulation has published standard GB/T 24320-2021 that has been developed with the help of Nine Dragons Paper and Lee & Man Paper.


Both of these Chinese mill groups import recycled pulp that may have started life as UK OCC or mixed before being exported to South East Asia or India to turn into pulp.

While full details of the new standard are not currently available, China has said that it expects the standard to be implemented on 1 December 2022.

China has previously said that it will allow imports of materials that meet its own standards, so this new standard is likely to set the rules for those exporting recycled pulp to China.

It will fit into the ISO standard group 85.040 that covers internationally agreed standards for pulp.

The China National Light Industry Council is the competent authority for the standard, while the National Standardisation Technical Committee of Paper Industry has co-ordinated development of it.

These and other organisations, plus importing mill groups have been involved in formulating the standard.

It will replace the previous standard GB/T 24320-2009.

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