Chinese customs imposes 100% inspections on recyclable materials

China recycling inspections ports that solid waste
Chinese customs officials inspect waste materials

An announcement by China’s General Administration of Customs appears to show that 100% inspections will be required on permitted export of recyclable materials.

Currently, CCIC carries out an inspection regime that allows for an element of self-certification. The new regulations seems to suggest that other inspection agencies can also be formed.


But the new regulations, enforceable from today (1 June), have said that inspection agencies must carry out all inspections themselves.

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The regulations state: “A pre-shipment inspection agency shall rely on its own inspection capabilities to fully implement the inspection, supervision, and application of sealing and other work procedures, and shall take full responsibility for the quality of its work, and shall not entrust other agencies, organisations or personnel to implement it.”

They also state that inspections must take place on-site: “The pre-shipment inspection agency shall carry out pre-shipment inspections in accordance with China’s national environmental protection control standards, mandatory requirements of relevant technical specifications and pre-shipment inspection procedures at the overseas loading place or place of shipment of imported waste raw materials.”

The General Administration of Customs is now responsible for managing the inspection process, and for ensuring that Chinese law on waste imports is complied with.

It also means that any inspection agency that allows material into China that does not meet Chinese law, could face having its licence revoked. It would then not be able to re-apply to be an inspection agency for another three years.

The new regulations were published on 28 May.


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