Chinese imports down across the board in June


After May’s increases in Chinese imports, the numbers for June were all down.

This will be especially concerning for exporters, as June’s data reflects a period that does not include for the most part the recent crackdown on imports by Chinese customs.


Paper and pulp imports into the country were down to 290,000 tonnes from 310,000 tonnes in May. This had a value of $344 million compared to $368 million in May. However, both of these were higher than every other month apart from May in 2012.

Scrap copper fell to 370,000 tonnes in June, which was the same as the figure for April, but down from May’s 420,000 tonnes. This was worth $1.148 billion compared to $1.345 billion in May.

Compared to May’s 240,000 tonnes, scrap aluminium was down to 210,000 tonnes. This was worth $342 million in June from $398 million in May.

PET in slices and chips fell to its lowest level for 2012 at 13,633 tonnes from 18,323 in May.  June’s value of PET was $26.8 million compared to $34 million in May.

ABS fell to 138,043 tonnes imported in June from 148,381 in May. This was worth $299.5 million last month from May’s $339.1 million.