Chinese imports up across the board in May


Imports of materials into China increased in May compared to April.

Scrap copper imports were up to 420,000 tonnes in May from 370,000 tonnes in April and only 10,000 lower than the highest so far this year in March. The value of this material was $1.345 billion in May, compared to April’s $1.157 billion.


More scrap aluminium was imported than in any other month this year, reaching 240,000 tonnes. This is 30,000 tonnes more than in April. The value of this was $397.942 million compared to April’s $346.226 million.

Paper and paperboard imports reached their highest level since May 2011, with 310,000 tonnes being imported last month compared to 270,000 tonnes in April. This was worth $367.958 million compared to April’s $319.347.

PET in slices and chips reached its highest import level so far this year up to 18,323 tonnes worth $34.133 million. In April, it was 15,066 tonnes worth $27.655 million.

ABS was up to 148,381 tonnes in comparison to 122,194 in April. This was valued at $339.110 million from April’s $278.674 million.