Chinese imports up in February but showing mixed picture


February’s imports of copper, aluminium, paper, PET and ABS into China were all up on January but some were weak compared to December.

January saw the Chinese New Year, so it was expected that imports would be weak then.


Copper was up to 400,000 tonnes in February to a value of $1.269 billion compared to 230,000 tonnes in January worth £742 million. This was weaker than the 450,000 tonnes imported in December worth $1.433 billion.

Imports of aluminium increased to 220,000 tonnes in February worth $338 million from 140,000 tonnes worth $224 million in January. However, 280,000 tonnes was imported in December worth $465 million.

ABS increased to 152,053 tonnes from 111,456 tonnes in January. The value of this was $330.5 million in February compared to $234 million in January. The February figure was only slightly down on the 158,487 tonnes in December worth $332 million.

PET imports were slightly up in February to 17,229 tonnes worth $29 million. This compares to January’s 14,701 tonnes worth $24.5 million and December’s 21,212 tonnes worth $33.5 million.

Paper and paperboard increased to 270,000 tonnes in February worth $323.7 million compared to January’s 180,000 tonnes at a value of $220.8 million. This was the only material to improve on December when 250,000 tonnes of material worth $313.5 million was imported.