CIWM cautious over the National Infrastructure Commission report


CIWM has given a wary endorsement of the National Infrastructure Commission’s (NIC) report, Congestion, Capacity, Carbon: Priorities for national infrastructure. 

The organisations chief executive Dr Colin Church has explained that it is pleased that NIC has recognised the point it has been making, that resource and waste management is an important part of its national infrastructure.  


He said: “The NIC’s caution about the future of electricity-only energy from waste is right, as is an emphasis on waste prevention, especially through tackling packaging issues. 

“We are particularly pleased to see the commitment to say more soon on the issues of poor data beyond the household waste stream.” 

However, the chief executive expressed concern that NIC has not shown interest in other aspects of the sector.  

He added: “NIC disappointingly doesn’t seem to have taken on board the role secondary raw materials – beyond energy – could play in supporting other industries, from aviation and construction to automotive and computing. While making a strong case for improved energy efficiency, the role of better resource efficiency is only implicit in the report.” 

As the Government has released a clean growth strategy, CIWM believes that an overall policy picture will develop for the resource and waste sector in England.  

He said: “CIWM will continue to play its part in helping the NIC develop its thinking further in respect of the resource and waste management sector and we look forward to working with it in developing the full National Infrastructure Assessment over the coming months.”