CIWM chief executive Steve Lee to step down at end of the year


Steve Lee is to leave his role as chief executive of CIWM at the end of 2016.

A process to recruit his successor will begin in the Spring with the successful candidate expected to be in post by the end of the year.


Steve Lee said: “CIWM represents professionals working in one of the most dynamic and fast-changing sectors, and is committed to a forward looking agenda. Over the past 18 months, we have invested heavily in a new Customer Relationship Management system and online presence to improve CIWM’s offering to its members and the wider sector.

“We have also deployed significant resources to ensure that our skills and training support matches the industry’s changing needs and, most recently, co-funded the second phase of the Environment Agency’s major national Duty of Care awareness campaign.

“I look forward to seeing these projects through over the coming months and I am confident that my successor will build on this legacy, ensuring that CIWM continues to support, shape and influence the future of this sector.”

CIWM executive committee chair Malcolm Thorpe added: “Steve’s energy and vision has successfully steered the Institution through an exciting period of change, during which resources and green growth issues have moved up the agenda and our industry has continued to drive sustainable waste management and the recycling of quality secondary materials back into the economy.”