CIWM complain over lack of involvement in Scottish deposit return scheme

CIWM complains over lack of involvement Scottish deposit return scheme.

In response to the Scottish Government’s deposit return scheme outlined yesterday, CIWM Scotland has said it is “keen” that the Scottish resources sector is given a more inclusive role to support the scheme.  

According to CIWM, the industry has not afforded the same high levels of contact as other sectors, with less direct engagement beyond the consultations.  


CIWM members have a “wide base of knowledge from collections to reprocessing of high-quality recycling materials”, although many find that this resource is being ignored by the Scottish Government.  

The organisations opinion is that the introduction of the deposit return scheme should complement the existing high performing recycling collections and support the reprocessing sector in Scotland by focusing on more difficult to recycle materials.  

Many of the European reference deposit return systems were introduced in areas without high performing kerbside collections systems, unlike in Scotland, where some authorities have the highest performing collections systems in the UK, said CIWM. 

The announcement from the Scottish Government states that the system will include all PET beverage containers, cans and glass drinks containers, with only HDPE being left out.  

This will result in the diversion of high value materials from kerbside collections, undermining previous investments predicated on the material streams, and the industry’s commitment to delivering the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012, said the organisation.  

The longer-term economic viability for both the collection and reprocessing of the remaining lower value materials is a key question that needs to be addressed in the context of both a deposit return scheme, and the reforms for Extended Producer Responsibility, said CIWM. 

CIWM Scotland chair Bruce Reekie said: “In the short term we will need to ensure we have a viable industry that can work with a Deposit Return Scheme and we would welcome the opportunity to be part of the Deposit Return Scheme Implementation Advisory Group to ensure our industry’s expertise and experiences can be used constructively and that we can be directly engaged to support the implementation of the Deposit Return Scheme for Scotland.” 

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