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CIWM sets out new business plan

Dr Colin Church was previously the CEO of CIWM and his role won't be replaced until the definition of the role fits in with the new vision

CIWM has approved a new medium-term business plan to strengthen its role as a member body for the resources and waste sector.  

It hopes this plan will return the Institution to financial surplus in the short-term following a challenging period.  

The plan, developed by external consultant Andrew Garcia, follows a detailed market and organisation review, internal and external consultation, and close working with CIWM’s senior management team.  

It is designed to ensure that CIWM can respond to the changes happening in the industry as it grows to embrace the wider resources agendas, as well as help it to increase its value and relevance at a time when membership bodies across the board have been hit by economic factors including austerity and modern professionals seeking a different ‘membership’ experience.  

The plan aims to refocus CIWM’s activities to ensure it is ‘supporting, empowering and connecting professionals across the resources sector’. 

It proposes:  

  • A focus on CIWM’s core objective of providing value-added membership serviced in line with its Charter 
  • Developing links between CIWM and WAMITAB to provide a cohesive service that offers a wider potential membership 
  • A restricting and rationalisation of CIWM and CIWM Enterprises to become a single delivery platform 
  • The development of a framework which leads to a recognised professional capability across the sector 
  • Working with relevant other sector organisations and associations to increase member benefits through common framework 
  • The development of specialist modules aligned to specific sector competency needs 
  • More proactive engagement on market critical topics to increase visibility and influence.  

The plan also puts forward targeted cost reduction measures including staff redeployment and potentially a small number of job losses, as well as a hold on the recruitment of a new chief executive until the required skillset for the role has been clearly defined in line with the new vision. 

CIWM executive committee chair Margaret Bates said: “CIWM remains financially healthy and through the hard work and professionalism of its staff, volunteers and members it continues to be seen as an authoritative and influential body for the sector. There is a lot of opportunity ahead, but the current model is not sustainable, and we have to change and gear up for the future.  

“There are two main objectives in this plan. In the short term, we are taking action to restore the CIWM to financial surplus and in the longer term, we want to ensure that CIWM is both financially sustainable and builds on its existing strengths by making it a modern and effective membership body that delivers real value to today’s resource and waste professionals.”


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