CO : US produces 18.1 million bales of cotton in 2010


According to USDA’s final crop production report, the country produced 18.1 million bales (480 pound each) in 2010. 10.7 million all cotton acres were harvested against the planted area of 10.97 million acres.

The area harvested and the bales produced in 2010 are much higher than those in the previous year, 2009.


The average yield across United States in 2010 for all cotton was 812 pounds per acre against 777 pounds per acre in 2009.

The upland cotton production in 2010 was 17.6 million bales (480 pound each) and the average upland cotton yield was 805 pounds per acre. 10.5 million acres of upland cotton were harvested in 2010.

Texas ranked first in upland production with 7.84 million bales followed by Georgia with 2.25 million bales and Arkansas came third with production of 1.18 million bales.

Comparing the total area harvested, bales produced and the yield per acre, 2010 performed extremely well against the previous year 2009.

The percentage increase in cotton production for the year 2010 was 49% compared with the previous year. According to the March 31st, Prospective Planting report from USDA, cotton planting this year may go up by 15% in the United States.