Coca Cola and Waitrose launch joint consumer recycling campaign


Following its successful partnership with Tesco, Coca Cola Enterprises has joined forced with Waitrose to encourage consumers to recycle.

Shoppers will be encouraged to pledge to recycle a selected material for one month as part of the ‘Spin to Recycle’ campaign.


Waitrose customers will be directed to the website where they will have three chances to spin a digitised wheel, with each segment corresponding to a different recyclable material.

As a reward for making the pledge to recycle that material for a month, they will be given a fridge wheel magnet offering further hints and tips.

Visitors will also be asked how often they currently recycle and shown recycling facts and tips.

Phase one of the campaign will run until March, when customers will be emailed and asked to take the original recycling question again to see how their habits have changed.

Coca-Cola Enterprises vice president sales and marketing Nick Canney said: “The ‘Spin to Recycle’ campaign is another example of our efforts to encourage consumers to think about their waste and to recycle in a fun and engaging way, and we are delighted to be working with Waitrose on this.

“We have experienced real success in the past when it comes to pledging both for building better awareness on the general importance of recycling and in helping consumers to assess and directly change their behaviour for the better, so we are very excited to see how this initiative progresses.”

Waitrose head of sustainability and ethical sourcing Quentin Clark said: “We work hard to ensure that as a business we do everything we can to tread lightly and working with our suppliers and customers. Coca-Cola Enterprises’ campaign offers a fun way to engage consumers about waste and recycling.”

A recent campaign involving Coca Cola Enterprises and Tesco saw 37,000 people pledge to recycle more.