Coca-Cola invests in French recycled PET bottle plant


Following on from its investment in UK-firm Eco Plastics, Coca-Cola has invested into a similar plant in France.

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has established a joint venture with PET recycler APPE to boost the capacity of its plastics reprocessing facility by 70 per cent.


This will recycle an additional 20,000 tonnes of plastic into food-grade packaging per year.

It will invest €6.5 million into the existing APPE facility in Beaune, France and fund the trial and introduction of state-of-the-art technology to enable more efficient recycling.

The company is also funding a research project that will look to explore how consumer behaviour change strategies can improve at-home recycling rates in both Britain and France with the aim of getting more bottles into the recycling stream.

It will be delivered in partnership with the University of Exeter.

CCE chairman and chief executive John F. Brock said: “Our goal to lead our industry in sustainable packaging and recycling means we must support and promote improvements throughout our value chain.

“These initiatives aim to address two of our biggest challenges in this area – improving recycling rates by influencing consumer behaviour at home and meeting the increasing demand for recycled PET through investments in strategic infrastructure projects.”