Coca-Cola joins PET chemical recycling project

Coca-Cola bottles containing recycled plastic content

PET chemical recycling project DEMETO has announced that the Coca-Cola Company will join its Industrial Advisory Board (IAB).  

DEMETO is a European project financed by the European Community, where the partners of the project work to bring a revolutionary new way to chemically recycle PET. 


This technology was developed by gr3n and is both sustainable and profitable. 

It allows complete recovery of PET without any degradation of the material, and DEMETO will be able to return post-consumer PET into its basic components.  

Since the PET is designed to be competitive to virgin PET in both quality and costs, DEMETO offers an alternative source of raw materials, and aims to enable up to 100% recycling content in packaging at parity cost to virgin resin. 

The IAB of the project is a committee of stakeholders external to DEMETO that interact with the partners of the consortium to help direct its business development activities. 

According to DEMETO, it has a common interest with the Coca-Cola Company in closing the loop of the plastics circular economy. 

Coca-Cola has said that it relies on PET in various ways, from transport to packaging, and has been enabling PET recycling.  

Maria Luisa Polli, technical director, Coca-Cola Central and Eastern Europe said: “Producing PET from recycled plastic in a sustainable and profitable way is an important step forward. That is why we are thrilled to work with DEMETO and the broader industry to help make new revolutionary technologies available in support of a circular economy.” 

By joining the IAB, Coca-Cola will support the first European project to build an industrial plant for chemical recycling of PET. 

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