Construction begins at Tamar Energy Halstead anaerobic digestion plant


Tamar Energy has begun constructing its anaerobic digestion plant adjacent to the Bluebridge Industrial Estate in Halstead, Essex.

Construction is expected to last for the next 12 months on the site which was given planning permission in March 2011 and will treat 45,000 tonnes of food waste.


Tamar Energy delivery project manager for the Halstead facility Thomas Burgess said: “An AD facility is a real step forward Essex’s green credentials. It means the county’s organic food waste is treated as a valuable resource capable of generating renewable energy, rather than something just to be got rid of.

“We understand that every AD plant is not just located in a place but within a community. We expect people to have questions about how new, more environmentally sustainable ways to treat food and organic waste will both affect and benefit them.

“Tamar Energy’s aim is to be a good neighbour to the people of Halstead through the lifetime of the project, working together to make a positive impact for future generations.”