Consumers more likely to buy brands that are sustainable, study finds


Research has found that 81% of consumers are likely to buy a brand that has a positive approach to sustainability.

But the study carried out by SmartestEnergy also found that only 45% of consumers were aware of sustainable practices that might have been adopted.


Nearly three quarters (74%) of respondents said they would use a consumer brand that has adopted positive sustainability practices but 82% do not want to pay more for the privilege.

Around three in five people (57%) feel that it is the combined responsibility of consumers, brands and government to create a more sustainable future.

Of those aware of brands’ green initiatives, 81% were familiar with recycling practices and 75% of plastic bag reduction schemes.

However, only 40% were aware of brands that had ensured their supply chains met environmental standards and 31% were aware of those that had invested in renewable energy.

SmartestEnergy head of marketing Mike Shirley said: “Today’s consumer is savvy and cares about the environment. They realise that we all need to work together to make a difference as we are all responsible.

“Our research shows that consumers’ attitudes towards sustainability influences their relationships with brands.

“Brands need to effectively communicate what they are doing across their whole business to showcase their green credentials.”