Costa reduces material used in its packaging


Coffee shop chain Costa has designed new packaging that uses fewer resources.

It has started to launch the new packaging across its UK stores and is designed to save 18 tonnes of paper annually.


It is part of the company’s drive to achieve zero waste to landfill operations by 2017. Parent firm Whitbread also has its Good Together long-term sustainability strategy, under which this also falls.

The redesigned packaging also incorporates the Government’s new voluntary nutritional labelling scheme.

Costa head of food Jane Treasure said: “At Costa, we are delighted with the improvements we have made to our packaging and the customer response to it.

“Now using fewer resources and displaying new nutritional labelling, this redesigned packaging demonstrates Costa’s role as an industry leader with regard to corporate responsibility and sustainability.”

The product packaging also includes the Costa Foundation logo. This foundation was established to support coffee growers around the world with the aim of reducing poverty, improve education and improve the health and environment of coffee-growing communities.

Costa has 1,600 coffee shops in the UK and 1,000 overseas. It is the fastest growing coffee shop business in the UK and second largest coffee shop operator in the world.