Countries that collect mixed paper hit first by China ban


The Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) has found that the China import ban has hit the countries where mixed paper collections occur first. 

CEPI has been monitoring market developments following the material waste import ban by China and says that these import restrictions have disrupted the European market and raises the risk of contamination from other materials which can reduce the quality of paper for recycling.  


The European paper industry is making investments and will continue to do so over the next years in new paper recycling capacities to ensure that high quality paper for recycling remains in Europe, CEPI said. 

A factor to achieving more recycling in Europe will be to increase efforts on implementing European standards on the quality of paper for recycling and the collection of paper separately from other materials.  

According to CEPI, it is estimated that less than 5% of paper collected in Europe has been impacted by the ban. 

However, it added that this provides the industry with motivation to drive quality paper for recycling which is effectively recycled in Europe.

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