Courtauld 2025 to look at whole system of resource efficiency in food and drink sector


WRAP has revealed that it is “having discussions” with governments and industry stakeholders for collaborative action to develop a Courtauld 2025.

Following on from Courtauld 3, WRAP is proposing a new ten-year framework starting in 2016 for collaborative action across the food and drink lifecycle in the UK that would help businesses become more resilient to future changes in supply and demand.


Courtauld 2025 would differ from previous agreements in that it would take a whole system view to address other areas of resource efficiency for the first time.

No targets have been identified as yet for Courtauld 2025, but the plan discussed with government and industry members of WRAP’s Product Sustainability Forum, including the British Retail Consortium and the Food and Drink Federation is to agree over-arching targets for carbon, water and waste reduction spanning the whole food system.

Central to the proposed agreement is the ambition to help consumers to reduce avoidable food waste and to aid businesses to share efficiency savings along supply chains, waste less and get more value from unavoidable waste, and thereby increase business resilience.

WRAP is keen to work with the industry on developing the next steps and will be consulting a range of stakeholders, it said in a statement.

Subject to further consultation, it is proposed to focus on four delivery themes. These are:

  • Changing what we supply
  • Changing how we supply
  • Changing how we consume
  • Changing what we do with the wastes and by-products throughout the lifecycle.