Coveris unveil plastic-free recyclable sandwich skillet


Coveris has announced a new plastic-free sandwich skillet that is easier recycled within the UK recycling system.  

The skillet uses sustainably sourced materials including a plastic-free clear film that biodegrades over a 12-month period, with a recyclable Cartonboard, creating a more environmentally friendly packaging solution for sandwiches.  


According to the British Sandwich & Food-to-go Association, over 3.5 billion sandwiches are bought from UK retail or catering businesses annually, and with recycling systems varying from region to region, the recyclable elements of this packaging can be limited.  

This new plastic-free skillet is a ‘significant development’ in the packaging industry and will have no negative impact on the environment Coveris said.  

The use of a transparent film made from sustainable, non-food resources allows the skillets to be recycled in mixed paper bins or disposed of as general waste and break down within 12 months.  

Coveris UK president Gary Rehwinkel said: “We continuously challenge ourselves to reduce environmental impact made by packaging, from the materials and processes we use, to how it works with recycling and waste infrastructures.  

“We encourage consumers to recycle Coveris’ plastic-free skillets where possible but in the absence of recycling bins, skillets can be placed in bins for general waste disposal and break down within a year, supporting better sustainability and greater simplicity in the supply chain.”  


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