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Cromwell Polythene upgrades Derbyshire manufacturing and recycling site

Cromwell Polythene

Cromwell Polythene has invested in new machinery to increase the capacity of its Derbyshire manufacturing and recycling site.

Its subsidiary CPR Manufacturing in Alfreton, Derbyshire has been upgraded to produce another 2 million plastic recycling and waste bags per week from recycled and virgin film.

Products manufactured at the site include flat pack and bag-on-roll bin liners that are produced with 30% UK-recycled PE film. The facility has also been producing films for clinical aprons as well as clinical waste sacks.

Some of the recycled feedstock comes from Cromwell’s free used polythene recovery service.

Cromwell Polythene managing director James Lee said: “Our comprehensive range of products is designed to prompt responsible waste disposal and recycling behaviour, while helping to keep people safe and minimise risk.”


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