Dairy set to build gas-injected anaerobic digestion plant in Lake District


Clearfleau is to build an anaerobic digestion facility for First Milk that will provide biomethane for the gas grid.

This means that First Milk, which is one of the largest cheese creameries in the UK, will be the first dairy in Europe to inject biomethane into the gas grid. The AD facility, based in Cumbria, will be fed waste product from the cheese manufacturing process.


Once built, the plant will generate 1,000m3/day of biogas, most of which will enter the gas grid. Some will be retained for use in the creamery to generate steam, which will help First Milk to reduce its fossil fuel use.

A new company Lake District Biogas has been set up to manage the project for First Milk and has commissioned Clearfleau to build and operate the plant.

Lake District Biogas director Tom Northway said: “Clearfleau’s on-site digestion technology has been selected as it has a proven track record in the dairy sector. It will optimise gas output and deliver a solid return on capital invested.

“We are delighted this will be the first plant in the dairy sector to supply green gas to the national grid.”