David Cameron refuses to ban Chinese lanterns despite them appearing to be the cause of Jayplas recycling fire


The Prime Minister David Cameron will not consider banning Chinese lanterns even though it is though one of them caused the destruction of 100,000 tonnes of material at a fire at Jayplas’ Birmingham facility.

CCTV footage appears to show a Chinese lantern landing on material at the storage yard at the Smethwick facility, and West Midlands Fire Brigade believe that this was the cause of the fire.


Liberal Democrat MP Tim Farron has suggested that the fire at Jayplas is another reason to bad the Chinese lanterns. He said: “I hope that Defra agree that after  the Smethwick fire, an urgent review into the use of sky lanterns is needed.”

But speaking on behalf of the Prime Minister, his official spokesman said: “It is important there is a proportionate response to an event like this, but safety is our overriding concern.

“Figures from the Department of Communities and Local Government shows that the number of fires caused by Chinese lanterns is low.”