Defra consults on waste prevention with paper, plastics and textiles among priority areas


A consultation on waste prevention has been issued by Defra that outlines its policy intentions.

In a document little on detail or indeed concrete policy, Defra has outlined its waste prevention plans for England, with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to issue its own strategies.


The document says that paper, plastics, food, textiles, WEEE and other items for reuse such as furniture are to be its priority materials.

It proposes that new metrics are used for both household waste and commercial and industrial waste. For household waste, it intends to measure this by waste arisings (Mt) per unit household final consumption expenditure. Then for commercial and industrial waste, and construction and demolition waste, by waste arisings (Mt) per unit gross added value.

Progress on developing waste prevention will be benchmarked against data for 2009.

It also outlines existing Government schemes such as green procurement and the work of WRAP on waste prevention and says these will continue.

Resource Management minister Lord de Mauley said: “Reducing waste is everyone’s responsibility.

“What we have set out in this programme will help businesses to save money, help people cut back on waste and pass on items that they would otherwise throw away.

“This consultation is an opportunity to comment on our suggestions on how this can be achieved so that we can protect the environment and help boost the economy.”

The consultation is open until 23 September.