Defra issues consultation on waste management plan for England that contains no new measures


A consultation has been launched by Defra on a waste management plant for England.

But Defra has said that the plan “does not introduce new waste management measures”.


Instead, it is a compilation of existing waste management information and policies and reflects the conclusions of the Government Review of Waste Policy in 2011 and developments since it was published.

According to Defra, it is complemented by the waste planning policy, Planning for Sustainable Waste Management, from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

The consultation document said: “The plan does not introduce new waste management measures. The purpose of this consultation, therefore, is to seek views on whether the plan – when combined with the updated waste planning policy – will fulfil the obligations of Article 28 of the revised Waste Framework Directive as far as England is concerned.”

More information is available here.