Defra seeks evidence on whether to keep or end PRN system


An email has been sent from Defra to stakeholders to ask for evidence on whether the PRN system is adequate to meet new EU recycling targets.

Under the new package proposed by the European Commission, EU states will need to meet an 80 per cent packaging recycling target and 70 per cent municipal recycling target by 2030.


In the email, a Defra official said she will contact stakeholders to get their views on the future of the PRN system including whether to replace it with something else.

The email said: “Now that we have begun to digest the proposals we need to better understand where the barriers to meeting the targets would lie. We also need to explore whether or not targets with this degree of challenge could be met with the current PRN system or through modifications to it or whether we would need an entirely different approach.

“The Commission’s proposals are at a very early stage and we can expect substantial changes as negotiations progress. However, we need to consider all scenarios so that we can negotiate effectively, and to ensure that we are in a good position to implement the final targets.”

To view the full email, visit the 360 Environmental website