Defra to change law to guarantee commingled collections


A change is to be made to the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 to ensure that commingled collections are allowed.

Defra faced a Judicial Review at the High Court next month brought forward by the Campaign for Real Recycling. However, Defra has announced that it intends to change the legislation “to ensure multi-bin recycling systems are not imposed on residents”.


The rest of the statement added: “The technical changes will make sure the legislation is in line with new EU rules, including guidance which is currently undergoing consultation. The changes will mean that local authorities will be able to choose the types of recycling services local people want, while ensuring quality recycling is collected.

“Defra passed legislation in March which brought the requirements of the EU-revised Waste Framework Directive into UK law. This legislation is currently subject to a Judicial Review. The new draft EU guidance and the Judicial Review process have since highlighted that technical changes are needed to prevent the risk of the legislation being overturned, which could lead to more restrictive recycling collection systems being imposed on local councils and residents.

“Defra will seek the views of industry, local authorities and other interested parties to inform the change to be made to the legislation.”