Defra unveils recycling and waste regulation cut timetable


A timetable detailing when the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs intends to reduce red-tape has been released.

The Red Tape Challenge – Environmental Theme Implementation Plan includes measures to reduce regulation such as reviewing the Producer Responsibility Packaging Regulations with a consultation beginning in January with anticipated implementation by January 2014 in order to reducing the administration on businesses.


Under the same timetable, Defra will consult and implement measures to exempt more small businesses from the battery producer responsibility regulations without reducing battery recycling rates.

By March 2013, the Government intends to consult on freeing businesses from having to fill in waste transfer notes, with implementation expected by 2014. Businesses would be required to use other evidence such as invoices instead.

When it comes to waste electrical and electronic recycling, Defra wants by April 2014 to introduce regulatory changes with one option being to give producers a fixed minimum tonnage to finance based on their market share. Another is a new central allocation system for local authority sites to help schemes fully align collections with their members’ obligations. One other option is to calculate obligations based on the data from a previous compliance period to reduce uncertainty and help producers pay a more accurate amount.

On site waste management plans for construction waste, the Government will look to consult in December on removing these regulations with implementation taking place in October 2013.