Deliveroo announce plans to reduce its plastic packaging


Deliveroo has announced that it will be taking action to reduce the quantity of plastic packaging used when delivering its take away meals, including steps to cut plastic cutlery use. 

It is working with restaurant partners to help increase the use of sustainable packaging and has said it will invest in long-term action to end plastic in takeaway packaging.  


Other measures the company are taking include: 

  • Introducing a new line of eco-packaging, with 50 new products to help restaurants offer sustainable packaging 
  • Give away a quarter of a million environmentally-friendly straws 
  • Making long-term commitments to be sustainable and introduce similar measures in all its 12 markets around the world. 
  • Introduce a new ‘opt in for cutlery’ feature on its app and online, asking customers if they want to receive cutlery. 

Deliveroo chief executive and founder Will Shu said: “As a company we are determined to help contribute to efforts to reduce the amount of plastic we all use in society and deliver real, tangible changes that will help our environment. 

“We know this is only the start. We will be working with our restaurant partners and customers to address this long-term challenge that matters to all of us here at Deliveroo.” 

It has also pledged to be “industry leaders” by producing an environmentally conscious packaging range.  

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