Dell now manages world’s largest technology recycling effort


Computer manufacturer Dell has said it manages the world’s largest technology recycling programme.

In its 2015 sustainability report, 2020 Legacy of Good Plan Update, the company said that it recycled 1.4 billion pounds (635,000 tonnes) of used electronics in 78 countries since 2008.


As a result, Dell is now 71.4% on its way to its goal of 2 billion pounds by 2020.

In its 2015 financial year, Dell shipped the first UL Environment certified closed loop PC – the OptiPlex 3030 All-In-One. This contributes to the 21.9 million pounds (9,934 tonnes) of recycled plastics used in its products since its 2014 financial year.

Since 2009, Dell has saved $53 million (£33.5 million) from reducing its packaging materials, and developed a new palletisation design in the past year to enable it to fit 20% more products on each pallet shipped.

By the end of its 2015 financial year, two-thirds of all Dell packaging was recyclable or compostable, ahead of its 2020 goal to have waste-free packaging.

Dell vice president of corporate responsibility Trisa Thompson said: “Dell has made great progress across its global ecosystem in its efforts to use the technology we produce for good.

“We’re committed to this ongoing work and share our results to both create and inspire positive change in business practices.”