Desso and De Lage Landen offer circular economy carpet leasing model


Global carpet and sports pitches company Desso and leasing and financing firm De Lage Landen have joined forces to offer a circular economy leasing service.

Since 2008, Desso has been establishing its cradle-to-cradle principles in order to design its products in such a way that they can easily be disassembled and recycled at the end of a product’s life.


Under this leasing model, Desso and De Lage Landen will offer a service under which the carpet will be taken and recycled at the end of its life.

Desso chief executive Alexander Collot d’Escury said: “Desso has reached a number of milestones in recent years including cradle-to-cradle certification of 90 per cent of its commercial carpet tiles and the development of the Desso EcoBase – a C2C silver certified carpet tile backing of which the polyolefin based layer is fully and safely recyclable in our own production system.

“Now with help from De Lage Landen we are starting to take the next step in offering leasing, which will offer a full service to customers including installation, cleaning, maintenance and eventually removal, which will also make it easier for us to take our goods back after its use and close the loop.”

De Lage Landen Financial Solutions president Milko Wijckmans said: “We are, of course, deighted to join forces with Desso in this groundbreaking move towards the circular economy.

“This tailor made, full service lease solution fits perfectly in our aim to further deliver our concept of life cycle asset management: reducing waste and recycling raw materials by reusing predesigned parts in the value chain.

“In the long run, we hope to see service models like this grow and shift the world economy to a much more innovative and sustainable position, enabling economic growth to take place within the means of the planet.”