Diageo close to achieving 100% recyclable packaging


Drinks business Diageo has revealed its latest sustainability achievements in its company annual report.

One of its achievements is that 98.6% of its packaging is recyclable close to its target of 100% by 2020.


But it has also increased its amount of recycled content in the past year by 1.5% to an overall average of 39%.

Looking ahead to 2020, Diageo intends to continue and accelerate initiatives to maximise the recycled content in its packaging, optimise and reduce the weight of its packs and remove materials that cannot be recycled or are difficult to recycle such as PVC, foil, mixed plastics, ceramics and some laminates.

The company also reduced its waste to landfill in 2015 by 48.5% compared to 2014 and 85% since 2007. It aims to not use landfill at all by 2020.

Compared to the same period in 2013/2014, Diageo also reduced its carbon emissions by 8.7%. Since 2007, it has reduced its emissions by a third.

Diageo chief executive Ivan Menezes said: “We have a responsibility to create shared value, for our communities, our people and our shareholders. This enables our business to grow and I am extremely proud of our work in many areas…As we now move forward to our 2020 goals, with a focus on bringing a long term impact, we will build on these successes to achieve even more.”