Ditto Sustainability chosen to help NHS Scotland reduce its waste 

Ditto Sustainability

Ditto Sustainability has been chosen to transform the re-use of products for NHS Scotland and help generate the Scottish circular economy by reducing waste, providing cost savings and developing skilled jobs. 

According to the company, NHS Scotland buys over £2 billion worth of goods and services annually, and while it is estimated that over 50% of all items bought may be suitable for remanufacturing, many medical devices given to individuals are often discarded after their “first life-cycle”. 


In order to track waste assets, CivTech launched Challenge 6 to find an efficient and robust data system to monitor NHS resources, from first deployment through to return and tracking them through refurbishment processes so that can become fully compliant with NHS standard and ready for re-use. 

Ditto Sustainability’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform has been chosen to provide this service and through the use of the best available technologies and AI, its aim is to scale, automate and democratise the knowledge that decision makers need to prevent waste and drive efficiency.  

Ditto Sustainability chief executive Dan Botterill said: “The project represents a considerable challenge due to the scale of NHS Scotland and the diversity of goods and services procured. This was a huge attraction for us as a technology company. The lessons learned here will not only help NHS Scotland but help us to develop a platform approach relevant to any organisation, big, or small.”  

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