Dow and Mura Technology plan Europe’s largest advanced recycling facility in Germany


Chemical giant Dow and UK advanced plastics recycling company Mura Technology are working on developing Europe’s largest advanced recycling facility in Germany.

To be located at Dow’s existing site in Böhlen, it is expected to deliver 120,000 tonnes per year capacity from 2025. Along with other planned units, this would take the total processed by Dow to 600,000 tonnes of global polyethylene production by 2030.


The site at Böhlen will use Mura Technology’s HydroPRS process that uses supercritical steam to convert plastics into virgin-like material, when previously they would have been considered unrecyclable.

Dow business vice president for feedstocks and commodities Isam Shomaly said: “The continuation and growth of Dow and Mura’s collaboration is another example of how Dow is working strategically to expand and build momentum around securing circular feedstocks and supporting breakthrough advanced recycling technologies.”

Since 2021, Dow and Mura Technology have been working together with an initial project to build a 20,000 tonnes per year facility in Teesside expected to be operational by 2023.

At Böhlen, the facility will be co-located with Dow’s manufacturing facilities and it is hoped this will reduce the cost of scaling advanced recycling facilities.

Mura Technology chief executive Steve Mahon said: “Combatting the global plastics crisis requires innovative solutions which can drive a circular economy. Mura’s collaboration with Dow has led to the largest commitment across the industry to date, showcasing the urgency from industry leaders to adapt scalable solutions such as HydroPRS that will transform the plastics industry worldwide.

“Dow’s continued support for Mura Technology has led to a highly financeable commercial arrangement and the deepening collaboration will allow both companies to achieve their stated ambitions in the advanced recycling space.”