Draft quality protocol for biomethane injection into gas grid published


A revised draft quality protocol for biomethane injection is being consulted on until the end of the month.

Produced by the European Pathway to Zero Waste, the Environment Agency and WRAP, and published on the Environment Agency’s website, the quality protocol suggests the criteria that are required for injecting biomethane into the gas grid.


The extensive criteria are designed to ensure that biomethane ceases to be a waste and therefore is no longer subject to waste controls. It is applicable only in England Wales.

In the introduction, the document states: “The quality protocol sets out waste criteria for the production and use of biomethane arising from the degradation of organic wastes in a landfill site or anaerobic digestion plant, for injection into the gas grid or use in an appliance suitably designed and operated for natural gas. If these criteria are met, the biomethane will normally be regarded as having been fully recovered and to have ceased to be waste.

“Producers, processors and users are not obliged to comply with the quality protocol. If they do not, the material will normally be considered to be waste and waste management controls will apply to its storage, handling, transport and application.”

The revised draft quality protocol will now be consulted on until 28 February 2013.