DS Smith launch nine new sustainability targets

DS Smith group chief executive Miles Roberts
DS Smith group chief executive Miles Roberts

Recycling company DS Smith has published its annual sustainability review and has launched nine new long-term performance targets. 

The review follows the company reaching its existing energy, waste and water goals ahead of schedule and focuses on areas including packaging, manufacturing and design.  


One of the new aims is to develop 100% reusable or recyclable packaging by 2025 as the company want to reflect the shift to a more circular economy. 

From this, DS Smith has said its biggest opportunities lie with sustainable design as it has to be balanced against packaging that meets consumer expectations and retailer requirements.  

The next steps the company will take to achieve its packaging goal is to fully investigate its product portfolio, identifying the areas where action is needed to ensure its solutions can be either recycled or reused, and to focus on redesign for recyclability.  

In line with this, it is also working on the sourcing of its own raw materials and to improve its quality to use 100% recycled or chain of custody certified papers by 2020. 

Another goal for the company is to send zero waste to landfill by 2030, as currently it recycles 60% of its waste, and due to the China ban increased its waste to landfill by 22% per tonne per production. 

Its next step will be to produce a zero-waste roadmap. 

Other new long-term targets set by DS Smith include: 

  • Reducing its CO2e emissions by 30% per tonne of production by 2030 
  • Achieving zero waste impact by 2030 
  • Zero accidents and zero vision harm 
  • Engage in community programmes at 100 of its sites by 2020 
  • Build a diverse workforce 
  • Ensure 100% of its suppliers comply with its sustainability standards by 2025. 

DS Smith chief executive Miles Roberts said: “Alongside designing reusable, recycling packaging solutions and continuing to reduce our operational impact, we are reaching out more into the communities in which we operate: supporting charities and community groups and fulfilling our role as a responsible neighbour.  

“We are also continuing to focus on being a responsible employer, providing a safe, healthy working environment in which everyone has the tools and opportunity to thrive. I am delighted to publish another Sustainability Review, launching new targets to underpin our strategic goal to lead the way in sustainability and demonstrating how we are redefining packaging for a changing world.”

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